The greatest dream of the man

Luigi Pizzimenti


FOREWORD by: Charlie Duke

For the first time, all the history of APOLLO’S MISSIONS in a only book. All the technical cards and  the astronauts’ biography The astronaut CHARLIE DUKE’S  Foreward APOLLO 16 10° MAN OF THE MOON. A volume of 416 pages, 384 photos in white and black and a file of 16 colour pages (Italian language)


Luciano of Samosata and of Icaro’s time, the fantasy of the man has gazed to the Space, to the infinity between the worlds and to the Moon.
Our generations have seen to realize the ancient and the ambicious humanity’s dream: to leave the Earth and to put the foot on the desert Moon’s area.
The dream has started at the end of 800’s and thanks to the extraordinary men like as Wernher Von Braun, and to the competition between the greatest world powers from 1957, “the year of throwing of the first Sputnik, on 1969 forty years old. We lived the days most extraordinary of the scientific human adventure. The conquest of the space and the landing on the Moon. From this legendary enterprise “forty years old” Luigi Pizzimenti, has dedicated a part of his life, to the collection of the data and the evidences of these days. Mr Luigi Pizzimenti offers an exciting book, like as a romance, with an extraordinary and precious collection of the data.
From the beginning of the space travel, to the conquest of the Moon, on these pages of this book you will find the history of Apollo Project and the history of astronauts that contributed to realize it, with images, report, technique files, curiosity of that all missions that have returned most little our planet and most large spaces, that open to the human’s intelligence.
It’s an only book of his genre, it’s complete enchanting, indispensable for which has been the witness of these days and above all indispensable for the young men that want to know in particulary the man’s greatest adventure.

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